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Swing through the Club to join Alexandra Kronz with Claire Carey for two workshops then a fun night of social dancing with DJ Alexandra! Also get late-breaking updates on Facebook!



Sunday, June 16th, 2019

4:00 pm -- Frame up
This workshop will inform your choice between the looser frame we are familiar with using for linear momentum in common WCS patterns like whips and passes, and the use of a more active frame for patterns that don’t stay in the slot or that require circular support to be successful, such as slingshots and rides. Leads - how do you ask your partner for more frame before you start a pattern that requires it? Follows - how do you tell when your partner is asking for more frame or less? How do you ask the lead to support you with their frame if you want to try something with tricky balance? We will explore how to communicate all of this clearly, comfortably, and safely.

5:00 pm -- Stretch those lines
This workshop will focus on using delay and stretch within one’s own body to create both elastic feeling dances, and dynamic visual lines. We will touch on balance and core control, and how to use body mechanics to help you get that signature WCS stretch and flow, both in your own body and in the look of your partnership as well. Beyond just styling and musicality, leads can use these techniques for easy breezy body leading, and follows can create yummy delay and connection.
6-6:30 pm -- FREE Beginner Lesson w/ Scot McKay (upstairs)

  • First-Time Free beginner lesson *and* dance

  • Returning Free beginner lesson w/ paid dance admission (see Pricing below)

6-9:30 pm -- Social Dance



Dance admission included with purchase of 1 or more workshop! We also honor affiliated swing club memberships! Credit card, cash, or check.

$20 - 2 workshops and dance
$15 - 1 workshop and dance 
$7 - dance only

$30 - 2 workshops and dance
$20 - 1 workshop and dance
$11 - dance only



Your support of the 100% volunteer-run club for just an hour gets you into the dance for FREE!

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