Join the fun! ALL WCS contests are GENDER NEUTRAL, meaning anyone can choose to take the role of lead or follow. Each year SSDC holds many competitions for all levels of dancers including the J&J Competition Series, Strictly Swing contests, and other J&J contests.

Jack & Jill Competition Series

The Jack & Jill competition series for Newcomer/Novice and Intermediate/Advanced level dancers starts in January and concludes at the end of the year during the Holiday Dance.

  • Newcomer/Novice Jack and Jill: If you have never competed before the Newcomer/Novice Jack and Jill is a great opportunity to try something new!

  • Intermediate/Advanced Jack and Jill: This competition can be a great way to increase your level of dance and prepare to compete at conventions for WSDC points like Seattle’s Easter Swing. Contestants in this division will dance in mini-heats of 2 to 4 couples on the floor at one time. Drops are allowed and add to the excitement! (Drops are optional and only allowed with safe parameters as listed in the rules.)

  • Both levels will have four competitions during the year. The top point-earners will be invited to the year end finals in December to compete for cash and prizes.

Qualifying Rounds / Contest Dates:

A Schedule of Contests is available on THIS PAGE.

Contestants are judged as a couple in all contests

  • Once a role is chosen in a points division, contestants must continue to compete in the same role in that division throughout the year’s progressive contests, i.e. a contestant may not change roles within a division in the same contest year.

  • Qualifying contests are open to club members and non-members

  • Points are earned for 1st-5th places and accumulate throughout the qualifying contests.

  • Top five qualifying leaders and followers in each division will advance to the Finals. Alternatives will also be chosen.

  • Finalists must be SSDC members in good standing on the day of the final.

Other Competitions

SSDC also holds other competitions that are not included in the J&J series.

  • Open Strictly Swing: Open to all dancers at all levels. Partners choose a partner and sign up together. Plus the choice of who leads and who follows is up to the partnership.

  • Mixed Level Strictly Swing: Contestants sign up as a couple. Each couple consists of one Newcomer/Novice level dancer paired with an Intermediate/Advanced level dancer.

  • Open Jackpot J&J: Held annually at our summer picnic dance this competition is open to all levels and a cash jackpot is the big prize!

  • Open Level J&J: All levels dance together. Partnership is randomly selected.

  • Entry Fees: For those who have never competed before, we offer first time entry into a Newcomer/Novice contest for $3.00 to encourage you to join in! Competition fees for SSDC club members are $7.00 and non-members are $10.00. Sign up at the competition table by 7:30. Competitions begin at approximately 8:00.

Schedules are subject to change.  So, please double-check dates.

No matter what contest you pick please read the rules carefully! Copies of the rules are also available at the competition registration table.

Click here for the page with the SSDC Competition Rules

Meet Our Judges

Jim Minty GSDTA & NDDCB certified (Chief Judge)

Melinda Booth GSDTA & NDDCB certified

Paul Booth GSDTA & NDDCB certified

Charles England GSDTA & NDDCB certified

Wren Newman GPDIA Certified Judge 

Robb Bryan