Easter Swing Ticket Tournament

Every year during Super Bowl weekend in celebration of Easter Swing, SSDC hosts the annual Seattle West Coast Swing tradition of Easter Swing Ticket Tournament featuring:

  • Friday & Saturday workshops with top WCS professionals

  • Potluck & social dancing with DJ(s)

  • Two competition divisions: Newcomer/Novice & Intermedediate/Advanced/All-Star

  • 1st place couple wins Easter Swing event pass & hotel night each

  • 2nd-5th place couples win cash

  • Two giveaway ES passes: one for competitors and one for non-competitors

When available, photos & videos can be found here and see you at Easter Swing! Ticket Tourney placements and drawing results are below:


Ticket Tournament Results

SES TT 2019-non-competitor

2019 Non-Competitor Pass Winner

Ellyna Avelin

SES TT 2019-competitor

2019 Competitor Pass Winner

Henry Phan

SES TT 2019-newcomer-novice

2019 Newcomer/ Novice

5th Kyle Condiff & Kristy Brehm - $10 each
4th Nick Nicholas & Marie Cote - $20 each
3rd Arrow Pride & Dagmar Rehse - $30 each
2nd Brendan Souvenir & Noelle Van Woert - $40 each
1st Jarian Cottingham & Isabella Lewis - Easter Swing 2019 Pass & Easter Swing Hotel Night each

SES TT 2019-intermediate-advanced-all-star

2019 Intermediate/


5th Henry Phan & Rachel Kinsey - $10 each
4th Garrett Lumens & Myca Blazer - $20 each
3rd Daniel Terpstra & Leah Bueing - $30 each
2nd Kevin Steele & Olivia Luke - $40 each
1st Joel Torgeson & Heather Conkerton - Easter Swing 2019 Pass & Easter Swing Hotel Night each